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At first, 1-StopGlobal’s publishing business was established to publish learning materials
for the over-the-phone Chinese language classes.
After the various curriculums organized by levels and the high-level content approved by the users,
we expanded the scope of publishing.
Self-directed learning is made possible by presenting a systematic learning strategy
according to various degrees of difficulty with over-the-phone English and Chinese
teaching materials, conversation books, tourism interpretation study books, study books for children, and more.

English Learning Materials

99 English Conversation

The English conversation book helps build a speaking foundation for beginners and learn various English expressions. There are 9 levels, from complete beginners to advanced, and you can start from the level that’s right for you. Each level of the learning material begins with level-appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and frequently used phrases. The material is put together in a format so that you can ultimately engage in a conversation logically.

99 English Free Talking

We have collected questions from a variety of topics for learners who are interested in free talking lessons without set materials. The courses are separated into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and the questions are not just simple yes or no questions but questions that require personal input and thought. The higher the level, the more complex the issue of the question, and that requires more logical answers from the learner. The vocabulary of the question itself becomes more advanced with each level, so being able to understand the intention of the question and express one’s opinions in a logical way are important.

99 English Job Interviews

These course prepares readers for job interviews or entrance exams conducted in English. We not only give you the necessary English skill set for the interviews but also various tips. Some of the things covered by the book includes frequently asked questions, useful expressions and vocabulary, correct behavior and attitude, how to give a self-introduction, how to talk about your career skills, and common mistakes.

Chinese Learning Materials

99 CHINESE Foundation Course

99 Chinese Foundation Course is for all ages, from children to adults. It is the culmination of months of research by 80 instructors at the training center in Shenyang, China, and the Chinese specialists from UriChina.
There are basic conversation lessons inserted into the course, so with a month of continuous study, you will not only learn correct pronunciation but also know beginner level conversation.

99 CHINESE Tourism Interpretation Guide

We have put together a systematic curriculum for those applying to be Tourism Interpretation Guides, which includes know-how from successful applicants. The curriculum consists of a question section and a study section. The question section consists of 4-levels materials including test information, analysis of interview question types, the latest interview question types, and mock interviews. With highly-accurate and practical questions, you can get one step closer to landing the job. Also, the study section has sample answers to the questions from the question section, so you can study and review your weak points and confusing questions. In addition, there is various tourism information, which makes it easier to study Chinese and gain tourism knowledge for tour guides.

Speaking Chinese by Themes

Speaking Chinese by Themes is a Chinese conversation course consisting of 36 selected topics. The 36 topics were selected from over 20,000 pieces of data from 14 years of phone/video call Chinese lessons by UriChina. We collected topics from fields that interest Chinese learners or are helpful to Chinese learners. Through this, we have attracted learners and improved the learner’ satisfaction from 1-on-1 lessons.
The levels are divided into intermediate and advanced, so we recommend an optimized learning method for learners who feel hesitant about taking Chinese conversation classes.

Daily Chinese Conversation by Sentence

It is a Chinese conversation learning material for beginner to intermediate learners developed by 1-StopGlobal. Each textbook, from level 1 to level 4, consists of 8 units. You can learn sentences and grammar through conversation related to the topic of each unit, and they can be interchanged and applied to other expressions as the course continues. In addition to learning sentences, you can also pick up useful information about China. With pronunciation practice and intonation practice sections, you can learn the language from various aspects.