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1-StopGlobal’s EDUCATION Business Group’s thoroughly verified and excellent native-language instructors
provide English and Chinese lessons over the phone.
The training centers in the USA’s headquarters and the Chinese and Bulgarian branch offices train professional instructors
and run a systematic internal training system.
UriChina and 1-StopEdu, the main brands of the EDUCATION department,
are trusted by the clients and have outstanding performance with a re-registration rate of 90%.
Also, to share resources and classroom tips with educators around the world,
1-StopAcademy has developed a document management solution.

Education Sites


UriChina is a professional training center in Shenyang, China, for Chinese classes over the phone. The center raises up professional language instructors through continuous training courses and is equipped with high-quality sound systems in the classrooms.


HiNihao is a professional e-learning institution that teaches Chinese over the phone and on video. With an excellent professional staff, HiNihao provides a sophisticated and high-quality language education.


ChiNihao is a professional Chinese education institution for beginners of Chinese. The self-directed learning system consists of 4 levels, from preparation to evaluation, which makes it easier and more enjoyable to learn Chinese.


1-StopEdu is an over-the-phone English education institution, which presents a new paradigm for English learning. The international recruiting network rigorously selects and continuously evaluates the instructors to raise the quality of the classes.

1-StopJiaoyu [Website is under construction]

1-StopJiaoyu is an English education institution based in China that provides classes over the phone, and it is a sister institution to 1-StopEdu. The site is currently under construction.